Installation art / Mural

Live art session for Volvo in Zurich. Drawing on the body and on the car. The concept is to celebrate the creativities in finding and using new energy for a colorful world and clear starry sky.

Normally we can’t see the form of electricity, but we can actually see it through another medium, it’s actually really beautiful and it looks like tree branches or veins, reveals that everything on this planet is connected in a certain way. Exploring the earth is like our mission, we make the earth as our playground to use it in one way or another, now we know that there’s actually something we have to do to stop it from being worse, the strength of a single hand is very small but if you have the faith of combining the strength of many hands we can actually fly in a much cleaner sky. Here I used the imageries of some electric animals, a sting ray, an eel, and jellyfishes, they give power to the car, the beautiful electricity forms look like branches, seaweeds and veins , the car is surrounded by the patterns of electric colors, one hand touch the car surface and appears the electricity at the other end, two hands combine into a bird. To make it more playful and interactive, on the ground I put wires made from fiber and colorful balls represent electron, I also invited people from the audiences to the stage and play with the stickers of dots and stars on the artwork, as a act of improving the environment.