Evolved process / digital illustration

Tangled And Liberated series:
This is a set of visual stories featuring the progression of the self-realization of women. To learn about love and pain, but to liberate at last.
Farewell And Pupation:
Her posture has many meanings, that I tired to interpret different ways. The first one, Pupation, is a final meaning that I loved to get from this evolved process, although the first posture of the girl implies sorrow and lost or maybe a hesitation of letting go, the ending piece reached to a meaning of acceptance of transformation, endurance of the pain that passing but a sense of hope, and new beginning.



This Dawn:
a transformation
a hope to be saved
an emotion to be finally freed from the struggle with your heart and broke through your throat
you cut a scar and an aura spirals upwards
it’s a shape of a song
one day it will finally be discovered
the meaning of your existance
is none of what they will ever understand
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