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ScottUSA GlobalArtEdition
An artwork I made for ScottUSA GlobalArtEdition, so pround to be one artist from Asia out of seven continents, it's an exciting and bold thing to do passing one...
Bob Dylan Portrait
A Bob Dylan portrait I did for ELLEMEN China.
I Make My Case
For client: Case-Mate I Make My Case project Illustration created for Case-Mate for Iphone cases and BlackBerry cases and more, also 3 of my other...
Adobe Illustrator CS5
My work created for the wonderful Adobe Illustrator CS5 , you will find it in "how to guides" or "example art" section-->
Adidas Tshirt
Tshirt designs I did for Adidas performance for China market. first one is to illustrate beauty and strength in women's sports, second is for the freedom and...
Emptiness. mono tone text art:)
Love is Red
Love is Red, for 214 Photoshop vexel + home made watercolor texture.
You cannot transcend what you do not know. To go beyond yourself, you must know yourself. -Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj A new collab with mighty Archan...
beauty of falling and drowning
falling birds, drowning fishes, cast shadows on her beauty...
This Dawn
a transformation a hope to be saved emotions to be set free from the struggle with your heart and break through your throat you find a scar and an aura...
Penguin's Love
Personal artwork. This is what I always love to do, obsessed with water... lights, waves, bubbles, spaces, long weeds, mysterious animals. Process...
Artisitc Chameleon
Personal artwork created for DEPTHCORE chapter Mythic
Carving the Milestone / Only the Brave
Personal artwork. Created for Diesel X KDU “Only the Brave” Group Show
Ink Mountains
Personal artwork, ink mountain series. Inspired by one of the great Chinese art masters, Zhang Daqian. The second piece is about A girl from ancient times...
Darkside of the Firework
Personal artwork.
Personal artwork.
Insect series
Bee Wasp
Personal artwork.
Personal artwork. Homepage to Chopin.
Pigda Series
Personal artworks.
Night Series
Personal artworks about the night.
Undersea Rider Collabration with Run&Shout™ Sacrifice Collabration with my DEPTHCORE peer Mixmasterangel for Chapter Her Nv Wa Collabration...